The ancient Egyptians knew the healing powers of oregano, especially as a relief for the antitussive it is known. In ancient Greece it was well known and there were injuries healed with it. To the food in the Middle Ages oregano oil was added to protect it from microbial attack.
A peculiar taste reminiscent of marjoram and thyme. Hungary oregano is also widely found on dry fields, on hills and mountain pastures. Oregano grows best in calcareous soils.
Oregano is known to the majority of us only familiar from the pizzeria. This is no coincident, since it is the classic Italian pasta and pizza spicy but also it us used for a variety of vegetables.
Few know that oregano in Hungary is in use for a very long time. Our grandparents used it mostly as a substitute for marjoram. For example, to flavor a variety of soups, stews, beans, tomato-meat dishes, fish dishes and fillings.

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