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EN: This year's is extra special quality and 100% Hungarian red pepper from Bogyiszló.
Price: 1kg - HUF 3000
0.5 kg - HUF 1500
0.25kg - HUF 900 (packed in resealable, sun screens bags) and
0.15 kg - HUF 950 (box).
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Spicy chicken breast and grilled cheese with purple coloured cauliflower and safron- potatoes
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The chicken breast we bread with 2/3 tomato powder and 1/3 of flour. In the not too hot oil the meat is roasted then refined at 100 degrees for about 15-20 Minutes in the oven.
The prepared bone broth is simmered for about 2-3 Minutes then we take the temperature down and add the red beet powder and cauliflower. If it is almost completely cooked, we switch off the stove altogether. This will give the right colouring to the cauliflower.
Sprinkle the smoked cheese with coarse pepper and fry it in hot oil. After the first contact, the cheeses can be salted additionally by taste.
The potatoes are pre-cooked and then fried in fat. Last but not least turn the potatoes in saffron / safflower and butter.
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