About us

The CSIPETNYI Spicemanufacture is a Hungarian company, in family hands.
Our spices come from controlled sources and have exceptional quality.
In compiling our spice blends we are constantly striving to offer our partners the best quality and the widest selection.
We are committed supporters of products without additives and preservatives, which we spread and popularize with all our strength. In addition to the spice trade, we stand with many of the Hungarian food manufacturers in contact.
We distribute: mustard, syrup, jam, honey, and a lot more. These are high-quality Hungarian grocery products without additive and preservatives.
We have the extraordinary distribution rights in Hungary of the Khoisan sea salts.

Our services:

  • Trade of spices and spice blends
  • Paprika - trade
  • Production of unique spice blends, even with your own recipes
  • Procurement of special spices to suit your individual needs

We are at your disposal for any questions and wishes at given contacts.

Péter Horváth
+36 30 411 5000