Chili (grounded, extra sharp)

Chillies are globally the most popular spices and have influenced within the course of history many cuisines: Latin America, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and parts of the Orient, here they are used in large quantities. The term chili is descended from the ancient Indian word meaning "txile". Home are the chiles in Mexico. Traces of chili peppers from pre-Columbian period have been found in burial sites in Peru. Christopher Columbus was in search of pepper but instead he found these fruits, which tasted even sharper. He brought them to Europe, from there they got to Africa, India and the Orient. One advantage of the navigation was at times the service life of the seeds (two to three years).
Chilies are rich in vitamin C, stimulate the appetite and have a cooling effect, since, especially in hot climates, are sweaty. In order to alleviate the burning taste, you should drink milk or yogurt but no water or beer.
Some typical chili dishes: from South America, tapioca, rice from India, chili con carne, curries from Thailand but also savory Italian pasta dishes.

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